El Tejado Mexican Restaurant Lunch Menu | Forsyth, GA


Phone: 478-994-1425

310 Cabiness Road, Forsyth, GA 31029

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Lunch -

Burrito, taco, chalupa,

and cheese enchilada                 $6.99

Taco, enchilada, and burrito       $5.99

Chile con carne, burrito,

and rice                                    $6.25

Burrito Supreme                       $6.49

Quesadilla, rice, and

refried beans                      $5.99

Two tacos, rice, and

refried beans                      $5.99

Taco, cheese enchilada,

rice, and refried beans         $6.49

Burrito, rice, and refried

beans                                        $5.99

Speedy - Beef enchilada and taco  choice of rice or beans        $4.99                  

Chile relleno and

guacamole salad                       $6.25

Enchilada, burrito, and

chalupa                              $6.25

Beef or Chicken

Chimichanga                             $6.49

Sheriff's Favorite Salad        $6.25

Burrito, cheese enchilada,

rice, and refried beans               $6.50

Enchilada, rice, and

refried beans                        $4.99

Taco, cheese enchilada,

and chalupa                              $5.99

Beef burrito and beef

tostada                               $5.99

Taco Salad with ground

beef                                         $5.99

Hot and Spicy Burrito           $6.25

Bean burrito, cheese

enchilada, and rice                    $5.99

Beef or Chicken Fajitas         $8.25

Cheese enchilada and

chicken enchilada                     $4.59

Two chicken quesadillas       $6.99

Greg's Special Grilled

chicken and rice (with

cheese dip, add $.75,                    $6.49

Add Vegetables $2.00)

Texas Taco Salad                  $7.99

Fajita burrito, rice, and

refried beans                           $6.49

Chile relleno, rice, and

refried beans                        $5.99

Beef or chicken strips

taco salad                               $6.25

Fajita quesadilla, rice,

and guacamole salad            $6.99

Cheese dip                              $3.75

Bean dip                               $4.25

Beef and cheese dip                $4.75

Guacamole dip                      $3.75

Sour cream                             $1.00

Jalapeños                             $1.00

All extras                                $0.99

Taco, burrito, and chalupa      $6.25

Served Monday through Friday 11am- 2:30pm

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Choice of Steak or Grilled Chicken      7.99

Lunch-only flavored-natural-water